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Kustie Cherry Blossom Travel Set

Kustie Cherry Blossom Travel Set

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Cherry Blossom 3-in-1 Skincare Travel Kit From Kustie!

Let’s figure out what exactly this pack of three from Kustie has stored inside these fancy bottles that can fulfill the task of giving your skin a satiny glow throughout the journey:


  • Perfume Shampoo

Kustie knows that just like the body, your scalp needs proper care to stay healthy and fresh at all times, regardless of the place and the season. That’s why the first product in Kustie’s cherry blossom skincare travel kit is nothing but an explicitly special perfume shampoo. From its attractive packaging style to its mainly organic composition elements, everything is well-crafted with superior quality materials and a prime focus on 100% handpicked real flowers.

  • Perfume Conditioner

To witness enhanced and outstanding results, Kustie has put together its perfume shampoo next to its wonderful hair conditioner that is involved in this exclusive skincare travel kit. By using Kustie’s cherry blossom shampoo and conditioner together, one after the other, it can give you double the effect of dazzling hairs that are easy to comb through till the end.

  • Shower and Bath Gel

Kustie believes skincare begins from the skin of your head (scalp) and goes right down to the skin of the toes. But since they have different textures and environments, they can’t be treated with a one-size-fits-all solution. Following this exact vision, Kustie has incorporated some body care components in the final product of this tremendous skincare travel kit. It is what you will need the most for a completely relaxing bathing experience

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