Lime Crime Diamond Crushers - Shopping District


Lime Crime Diamond Crushers

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Trip - delirium purple/turquoise shift
Choke - baby pink/baby blue shift
Dope - cotton candy/champagne shift
Strip - nightclub pink/pink shift
Lit - rose gold on acid
Fluke - mauve/blue shift

What it does: Makes you glitter like a fairy on acid. Enhances liquid matte lipstick.

What it won't do: Run, feel gritty or drying. Ruin your liquid matte lipstick.


  • Pop over your bare lips, smooth over with finger. Get LIT.
  • Wear over liquid lipstick to take it to the next level.
  • Top with clear gloss - because why not!
  • Wear as mermaid highlighter on cheeks, collar bones and under the brow.
  • Put it IN your brows.