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FARSÁLI Jelly Beam Rose Goals

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Here are two words that have sent the beauty world into a spin: Jelly. Highlighters. At the forefront of this rightfully hyped trend, Farsáli’s Jelly Beam is about to take your highlighting to whole new… well, heights. Gorgeously gleaming and golden, this jelly looks nothing short of delicious in its opulent pot – but it sets like a powder, leaving skin with a hypnotising, wet-satin finish that doesn’t slip like some cream or liquid formulations. The concentrated, buildable pigmentation offers everything from a naturally lit-from-within glow to a show-stopping, beaming glaze – and every level of luminous in between. A versatile addition to any make up collection, this gel can be used alone like a traditional highlighter but it can also be used for all-over luminosity – simply add a pea-sized amount to your foundation for perfect illumination. For candlelit eyes, pop a little on the centre or inner corners of your lids or, for full body glow, mix with the Rose Gold Elixir and apply to arms, legs and shoulders for a goddess-worthy glow. There are three sumptuous shades to choose from: golden 'Glazed', pink champagne 'Glow Up' and rose golden 'Rose Goals'.