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Coastal Scents Eclipse Concealer Palette

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Neutralize under-eye darkness, conceal blemishes and breakouts, and even out your skin tone with our Eclipse Concealer Palette. Containing fifteen cream based concealers, including twelve different shades that can be combined to create the perfect one for your skin tone, as well as three corrector shades to conceal and correct any imperfections. Every shade is easy to apply and blend with a concealer brush to create a flawless canvas. The matte black case contains the Coastal Scents logo as well as the name of the palette for convenience.

The mint green shade counteracts redness or pinkness caused from rosacea, blemishes, or capillaries around the nose and cheek areas. The pale yellow shade is used to conceal black, blue, or purple imperfections such as bruises. The lavender shade can be used to neutralize areas with excessive yellow pigmentation and corrects olive skin tones. The white/silver shade can be used as a highlighter to add sheen to cheekbones, nose, eyes, etc.