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Blossom Roll-On LIP GLOSS Set of 3

  • For a touch of color that's more subtle than lipstick or a high-shine gloss to make your lips look fuller and plumper, lip glosses are a necessary addition to any makeup set.
  • Rolls on clear for a subtle shine and comes in a variety of delicious flavors and fresh fragrant lip gloss that smells as great as it looks so keep your lips looking shiny, full & deliciously kissable.
  • Enjoy a selection of juicy fruit flavors including Strawberry, Peach and Watermelon and comes in 0.3 oz pack and the product from USA.
  • With conditioning formulas to smooth and moisturize your lips and they'll keep lips soft and shiny, and help prevent dry, chapped and cracked lips and the make great gifts!


8.9ML Each